Atkinson's Coffee shops

Lancaster, Lancashire

Atkinson's Coffee shops

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J Atkinson & Co. have been supplying Tea & Coffee to the good citizens of Lancaster and surrounding areas since a young Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837. The business was established in 1837 as the Grasshopper Tea Warehouse and has occupied these premises on China Street since 1901. Five generations of continuous trading in the City have resulted in a marvellous accumulation of wonderful Tea & Coffee artefacts at the old shop on China St. In the window the famous small roaster, an Uno dating from 1945 still wafts its delicious aroma out into the streets of Lancaster today. Everything from scoops to scales have been lovingly mended and cared for over the years and are still very much in use on a daily basis. Atkinson’s play their role in the wider global community by Ethically Sourcing the very highest quality of both Tea & Coffee and provide a specialist resource centre at their Academy for those who want to learn more. Many things have changed since Thomas Atkinson opened the first Grasshopper Tea Warehouse way back in 1837, but reassuringly some things remain very much the same - such as a good cup of Tea or Coffee. Stepping back in time into Atkinson’s shop reminds us that some things, such as quality, never go out of style.

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