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Safety on the Water

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Safety on the Water

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The lakes, tarns, rivers and coastline of the Lake District National Park offer exciting opportunities for water recreation. But each year there are accidents which could have been avoided. Make sure you enjoy your activity by observing these basic rules… Check for dangers Lakes and tarns look inviting on a hot day, but they may still be too cold for your body to cope with. Swimmers and kayakers should stay near the shore where it is warmer, and where you can avoid boats and get out quickly Check the area for hazards on the shore and in the water. Lakeshores and riverbanks have steep shelves and sudden drops that are very dangerous even for good swimmers Check the weather – ring Weatherline 0844 846 2444 When on a boat or canoe wear a buoyancy aid or lifejacket Swimmers should always wear a brightly coloured hat so they can be seen by other water users Always tie an inflatable dinghy to something on shore Go together Children should always go with an adult when going in or near water Let someone know where you are going Know your limits Don’t swim further than you know you should and get out before you feel tired Don’t swim after eating a large meal or after drinking alcohol Learn how to help Stay calm and summon help Shout, whistle, shine a torch. Send someone to ring 999 and ask for the Coastguard Don’t jump into the water to rescue someone unless you are trained

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