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Hornsea Museum

Hornsea, East Yorkshire

Hornsea Museum

Behind the farmhouse there is a large garden which is flanked by workshops with hand farm implements, joiners' and wheelwrights' tools and a blacksmith's shop. In the 18th century barn there are displays of farming through the seasons and the Whitedale building traces the history of the Hull to Hornsea railway and Hornsea's fishing heritage. A Victorian schoolroom is in Swallow Cottage as well as the museum's function room. ‚Äč

In the museum's rooms and outbuildings there are old photographs of the town and surrounding villages, the Hull and Hornsea Railway, the brick and tile works, shipwrecks and lifeboats.

‚ÄčNumbers 15 and 17 Newbegin display over 2000 pieces of pottery charting the history of the Hornsea Pottery company from 1949 to its closure in April 2000.

Visit website: www.hornseamuseum.com/

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