Yorkshire N, W & E

Ingleborough Cave

Clapham, Yorkshire Dales LA2 8EE

Ingleborough Cave

Ingleborough Cave, first entered and made accessible in 1837, is one of the Yorkshire Dales finest examples of limestone scenery. A well lit concrete footpath leads you past huge stalactites, stalagmites and flowstones. Visitors are lead by our expert guides through a kilometre of awe-inspiring passages that are brought to life by formations and artefacts dating back millions of years! The Cave also shows the significant impact of the Ice Age, and as recently as 2002 the tooth of a woolly rhinoceros, now long extinct, was discovered just beyond the show cave. You reach the Cave via the Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail, a picturesque 1.3 mile walk through the woodland along a well maintained gravel track.

Visit website: www.ingleboroughcave.co.uk

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