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Kirklinton Hall

Kirklinton, Carlisle

Kirklinton Hall

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Kirklinton Hall is a 17th Century ruin which is being restored by the owners Ilona and Christopher Boyle, to bring it back to its former glory as a self sufficient estate. In the mean time, as it is being rebuilt, they are concentrating on restoring the gardens, including a Faerie Glen, where our little winged guardians of Kirklinton live and watch over us. They also are the protectors of the flourishing Vegetable Garden, Fruit Orchards, Nut Trees and Soft Fruit all planted by the owners and their friends this year. Also the influx of animals will keep them busy – our pigs The Empress of Kirklinton, Hermione and Ursula, have already arrived with more animals to follow! Events at Kirklinton Hall are very high on our Faeries’ agenda. They love a good party or festival, so we are hosting Weddings to make their hearts glow, various weekend festivals so they can dance and, most fun of all, Opera so they can be cultured and sophisticated and show off Kirklinton at its very best most wonderful self!

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