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RSPB Bempton Seabird Cruises

Cruises leave from Bridlington North Pier, East Yorkshire YO15 3AN

RSPB Bempton Seabird Cruises

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Puffin and Gannet Seabird Cruises 2017

From April onwards, the cliffs of Bempton and Flamborough become packed to the rafters with 250,000 seabirds setting up home for the summer.

Take a 3-hour puffin and gannet cruise, and spot the puffins on the cliffs or watch them bob in the water around the boat. Watch the graceful gannets with their 6-foot wingspan as they soar overhead, get deafened by the noise of the kittiwakes and wonder how the amazing razorbills and guillemots balance with their young on the narrow cliff ledges.

Sail on a 3-hour glorious gannet cruise to look at thousands of gannets nesting on the cliffs and (hopefully!) enjoy the spectacle of these amazing seabirds diving close to the boat as we will be tempting them with their favourite food. There’s even the chance of seeing late puffins and the first migrating skuas and shearwaters.

On the 3½-hour skua and shearwater cruise you can expect to see many different species, including gannets, auks and gulls. Bonxies, Manx and sooty shearwaters can sometimes be seen alongside the boat. Arctic skuas have also been seen regularly – sometimes in dramatic aerial chases of gulls and terns. As many of these birds travel well offshore, the cruises sail up to 3 miles off Flamborough Head into the North Sea.

See leaflet for full schedule. Booking is essential.

Visit website: www.rspb.org.uk/bemptoncliffs

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