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Scarborough Sea Life Claws Invasion 'New for 2018'

Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO12 6RP

Scarborough Sea Life Claws Invasion 'New for 2018'

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The armoured division of the underwater world is taking over in our new feature. Prepare to meet the clawed invaders and learn about the amazing strength they have, making them some of the most feared predators on the seabed. Marvel at the weird and wonderful creatures, from the giant Japanese spider crab to the small but mighty reef lobster there are over 20 different species to discover! Come face to face with a peacock mantis shrimp. Don't be fooled by its brightly coloured exterior - this shrimp has one of the fastest punches on the planet! Plus in this new feature you don’t just get to look at the creatures, you get to see how you’d survive as a crustacean in our interactive Claws Trail. Are you faster than a ghost crab? What would you look like with an exoskeleton? Are you stronger than a coconut crab?

Visit website: www.visitsealife.com/Scarborough

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